Getele Gutama Kusse 博士

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Brief Introduction

Getele Gutama Kusse

He received a master's degree in computer science and technology from the University of Electronics Science and Technology of China, China, in 2014. After  his master’s degree, he joined Chengdu University Information Technology in April 2015 and has served as a foreign teacher. He received a PhD degree in  management science and engineering from the University of Science and Technology Beijing, China, in 2020. During his PhD, he has made outstanding achievements and published many academic research papers; therefore, he has been recognized by the University of Science and Technology Beijing as an outstanding graduate  student of the year 2020 and won honorary president gold medal and certificate of the year 2020. He is currently an Assistant Professor with the Law and Public Administration Department, Yibin University, Yibin city, China.

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